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Our own lamp production establishes the perfect platform for the delivery of advanced engineering and know-how.

Highest quality

Aladin GmbH, based in Rott upon Inn, manufactures using state-of-the-art plant and process technologies.

Product information - UV lamps.


UV lamps

Aladin GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes a broad range of UV lamps which are used in the cross-linking of photo-reactive substances and for surface sterilization.


Aladin UV products are used in manufacturing processes in electronics, microelectronics, precision engineering and the optical industry, automobile, aerospace, pharmaceutical and printing sectors. Whether it is offset printing, inkjet printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, letterpress printing or any bonding application - Aladin offers the perfect UV lamp for the perfect result.


As well as all the current standard spectra and arc lengths up to three meters, Aladin develops specific lamps - specific to customer requirements - for developing new or optimizing conventional applications. Furthermore we are able to "dope" our lamps with mercury, gallium, indium, iron, lead and new combinations. Linked with electronic power supplies made by Hönle, new processes can be developed which could never be a reality using conventional UV technology.